Northwest Paranormal & Occult Research is a team that has come together from different backgrounds with one common goal; TO UNDERSTAND, TO EXPERIENCE, and TO DOCUMENT the paranormal. Based in the Portland, Oregon area, we serve throughout the Northwest.



When a prospective client contacts us, we meet as a group to discuss the site’s potential for an investigation. We then interview the client and ask them to fill-out a detailed questionnaire that may include sensitive and/or personal questions. It is vitally important that the questions be answered honestly, completely, and with as much background information as possible. Misleading information may completely invalidate an investigation. All information received from clients is considered to be confidential in nature.

After reviewing the questionnaire, a follow-up interview will be conducted, which would include specific questions pertaining to the case itself, presenting an Investigation Consent / Release form, and a quick analysis of the location’s environment and layout.
The primary goal of N.W.P.O.R is to determine exactly what’s happening, not to necessarily prove that there is a haunting. The team May discover that there are logical explanations for what is going on, as they may also conclude that there is paranormal activity. In all cases, supporting evidence will be given for any conclusion.

At all times N.W.P.O.R will maintain unbiased communication with the client and any questions or concerns will be addressed before proceeding.

Research The Team will research any historical accounts relating to unusual activity at The Location, as well as collect any eye-witness accounts, recorded evidence, environmental conditions, or other information about The Location, the suspected paranormal activity, and the people that report having experienced paranormal occurrences related to The Location. Based on the findings of our research, another interview with the client may be necessary to place it in the proper context.

Preparation for an Investigation Once The Team feels ready to conduct the actual investigation, after Interviewing and Researching the location, client, and witnesses, if we still feel that there is sufficient reason for an investigation, we will discuss it with The Client and set-up a time for The Investigation.
An initial walk-through on the day of The Investigation will familiarize everybody involved with The Location. Possible contaminates to The Investigation and initial equipment placement is discussed as well as the schedule of the actual investigation. Communications and monitoring equipment is checked, and The Team is given their individual responsibilities as well as their personal Activity Log to record any impressions or evidence they may experience during The Investigation.

The Investigation

At the start of the actual investigation, The Team will have a short familiarization and Q&A session, followed by setting-up and calibrating the equipment. Base-line readings will be taken initially as well as at pre-determined times during The Investigation to compare with any readings taken during The Investigation.

Since most paranormal occurrences are experienced at night, when it is both physically and psychically quiet, The Investigation will probably be performed at night under conditions of strict silence and with an absolute minimum of lighting, heat, or other electrical devices to interfere with the sensitive equipment. It is likely that the various Sound, Electro-Magnetic, Temperature, or other sensors may trigger alarms when they detect something. When activity is detected, there is a 99% chance that it is a false-alarm, but all data will be analyzed in detail to determine if there was a mundane cause for the sensor to have been triggered.

At the conclusion of The Investigation, The Team will have an immediate meeting to discuss personal impressions and compare notes regarding any occurrences during The Investigation. After all equipment and other paraphernalia are collected, The Location will be returned to its previous condition, under the supervision of The Client if requested.

Post Investigation Analysis

After all scans, recordings, activity logs, and other evidence is collected, each team member is given a copy and asked to study the evidence and record any personal conclusions that they may have. By analyzing the evidence separately, we can create a measure of control so the analysis isn’t influenced by any kind of group consensus. As with any paranormal study, a person’s impressions can be more revealing than actual recorded evidence.

Once all members have concluded their Post Investigation Analysis, their findings will be compiled and studied by the group as a whole and reviewed by the group. Any findings that suggest a natural explanation may be re-examined for possible reproduction. Any evidence that cannot be duplicated or explained naturally will be presented as possible evidence of paranormal activity.


Once all evidence has been considered and the team is in agreement on its findings, the Client will be given an Investigation report, which will include a brief description of the site itself , a description of the Investigation in general, the methodology and equipment used, any evidence collected, all conclusions relating to the evidence, and a description of any conclusions the Team has compiled regarding paranormal activity pertaining to the Investigation.

Publication of Findings

In accordance with the agreement with the Client, N.W.P.O.R will publish its findings and experiences with an Investigation (either publicly or anonymously) in any method or media that seems appropriate (such as the N.W.P.O.R website).